I was in about the fifth or sixth grade when I came up with the villain Glue. I’d already created a mad scientist-like villain for Dogboy to face. This villain would get his powers from an experiment that would backfire or done in by his own evil in some way.

I was working on a history project for school and this was during the time when you had to do your own “graphics,” which mean things like tape, markers, or glue. For this project, I needed glue, but the glue bottle had dried. I tried everything to get the glue out. I scrubbed and washed the bottle lid. I chiseled away at the dried glue with a nail. I used scissors to widen the hole.

I was starting to look like a cartoon character trying to open a jar or something.

Nothing worked. And this wasn’t the first time I’d done battle with a glue bottle. So it was just natural that Dogboy’s first villain would be an old “foe” of mine.

Plus, it just seemed funny to have a villain that was glue-based.


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